Classic Car in a RowThe value of unique classic cars can vary, it may depend upon rarity, condition or the parameters set by a guide book. If you own one, plan to buy one from Ardell Brown or want to sell one, you need to determine its value to make it a worthwhile endeavor.

Here are some of the ways to calculate the value of a classic car to help you buy or sell one.


The rarer the car is, the higher its value; a model that has only a limited number sold will garner a higher asking price. There are a few cars that fit into this category, if you think yours or the one you’re looking to buy is one, prepare to pay more for it.


Demand is one of the main factors that determine the value of classic cars. The vehicle must be in excellent condition, restored and ready to use to get a high asking price. You can identify a ballpark figure of vehicles by reviewing collector magazines and comparing similar cars in the same condition.

The Condition of the Restoration

If you own a classic car that you want to sell, you need to restore it to excellent condition before you can demand a high price. This may cost you more money, but the return on investment is worth the risk. Get a professional to do the restoration to make the car look like it’s the first time it left the showroom decades ago.

The Potential of the Project

A classic car project may display potential and higher value after restoration. However, determining the price is difficult because an appraiser may need to know how much he or she needs to restore the vehicle.

The Restoration’s Current Level

A fully restored automobile will fetch the highest possible price, but you can still get good value for your car depending on the level of its restoration. You need to determine how much more a buyer needs to spend to improve the condition of the vehicle further.

These are some of the ways to determine the value of your classic ride, once you get a ballpark figure you will be able to get a good return on investment once you sell or buy.

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