SEO StrategyThe question “Which came first—the chicken or the egg?” might be applicable in search engine optimisation. Switch the egg and poultry with “budget” and “strategy” instead.

Most businesses tend to believe in the seemingly simple idea that strategy building comes first before budget planning. The idea, while beneficial, does not work for everyone. Nobody wants to be the bloke with the money in his hands, clueless about how much things cost.

Marketers and business owners ponder on the best way to approach their marketing campaigns. According to, an SEO specialist, both approaches come with risks: if you start with strategy, the cost might be too much for your budget. On the other hand, if you prioritise budget, you might compromise strategy.

Strategy Over Budget

Rookies in the field of SEO typically have no idea how much the entire project costs. So, the first move involves sorting out the baseline on the costs. This can be a little risky, however, because the costs depend on the strategy you put together.

Comparing prices seems like the best step. Any information about a strategy’s worth makes it easier to understand the differences. But if this is something you are not equipped with, then comparing prices gives you no indication of the real worth of your strategy.

Budget Over Strategy

Companies that consider strategy first still have to consider the cost of servicesMost brands, however, will refuse to spill the beans on how much they are willing to spend. They fear that informing companies of their budget might compromise the cost. Without a budget, however, an SEO company will not be able to gauge how aggressive its efforts should be.

Determining Goals

Comparing budget and strategy can be tricky. One strategy focuses heavily on one factor than the other. The costs might be roughly the same, but the outcomes are different.  Rather than decide, make sure that your goals meet both aspects.

Goals will always come first. If you don’t know what you want, SEO companies will just throw anything that fits your budget. There’s nothing wrong with including everything in your marketing plan, but it might not be workable for your budget.

Your goals determine your strategies and cost. Figure these out first and adjust them to fit the needs of your brand.

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