Bird's eye view of a suburbAdmittedly, city living isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. It may offer modern conveniences and classy lifestyles, but more executives are considering residing outside the metro. Lancaster New City is one of the prime properties being eyed by these future residential owners and here’s why.


One of the biggest problems that Metro Manila has at the moment is congestion. This applies to both roadways and residents. There are too many people living in the city and more are coming in on a daily basis looking for jobs and a better way of life. The more congested a town or city is, the harder it is to find decent living spaces and transportation options. In Cavite’s Lancaster New City, reviews state that there are enough grounds for a multitude of activities, while living areas are comfortably spacious.


You definitely won’t find this in Lancaster, as the subdivision is built around Mother Nature and healthy living. Grassy knolls, numerous trees, and other shrubs and plants are found everywhere. Cavite, being a provincial area, still boasts of clean air and fresh food readily available to all its residents. Forget about noise pollution too because this suburban territory is close enough to major thoroughfares, but not too near to get saturated by ambient noises.

High Cost of Living

As Lancaster is considered a suburban territory, the cost of living is lower here than in urban areas. The mortgages and property taxes are cheaper and the same goes for utility rates. Let’s not forget the provincial prices of grocery items and market produce, too. All in all, you get your money’s worth.

You can never have everything, and aren’t you glad for that. Living in the city has pushed many Millennials to consider suburban life instead of the cramped condos being offered to most successful singles. More than that, what Lancaster can offer you outweighs anything the city can give you so do consider relocating soon.

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