Gynecology ConsultationRoutine visits to a gynecologist are a crucial part of a woman’s healthy lifestyle. But when should your teenage daughter first visit a gynecologist?

Schedule your daughter’s first trip to a gynecologist in South Jordan when the girl is 13–15 years old. That age bracket is the recommendation by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. This early appointment will serve the following purposes:

1. Information and Chance to Ask Questions

Typically, the first gynecological trip doesn’t involve exams. It’s a chance for your girl to learn about staying healthy. It’s also an opportunity to confide in nonjudgmental health professional.

The teen can ask questions she may be embarrassed to ask relatives or friends. The health expert can then provide accurate information about issues such as sex, sexuality, and menstruation.

2. Prevention

Girls should get an HPV vaccine between ages 9–11. The first gynecological visit is a chance for your girl to get vaccinated if she didn’t get this vital vaccine. The trip may also help reduce the chance of unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

3. Treatment

The first trip may include screening and exams as needed. These may be necessary for girls who already have experienced a reproductive problem. The doctor can then provide essential treatment.

4. The Start of a Vital Relationship

The first trip is the beginning of a long-term gynecologist-patient relationship. Your daughter’s doctor is likely to include you when talking to the teen about pubertal development and menstruation.

However, the doctor and the patient may need to be left alone as soon as the initial talk is over. That’s the start of a personal, confidential, trusted relationship.

School buses and other places teenage girls meet are havens for gynecological myths. An early trip to a gynecologist will ensure that your daughter gets the right information. The visit can also help prevent or treat common health concerns.

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