Regular Dental Check Up in GreensburgGone are the days where you only had to sacrifice a beautiful smile when skipping the dentist because now you have to worry about your heart as well: a recent study from Finland suggests that poor dental care may cause problems for your heart. The state of your heart’s health can now be considered your number one reason for regularly visiting your dentist in Greensburg.

The Worrying Revelation

The Journal of Dental Research recently published their new study involving 500 participants. They discovered that people who had undergone a root canal had a higher risk of developing acute coronary syndrome — a condition that blocks the arteries of the heart that might cause a heart attack — compared to patients who had healthy teeth and gums.

The Reason Behind the Connection

Patients usually need a root canal if they have a root tip infection in the tissue or pulp at the center of their tooth. A cavity such as this that isn’t treated will only get worse. John Liljestrand, D.D.S., author of the study, adds that the bacteria from the decayed area can even spread to other parts of the body. This means that it can target the heart. If a person already has an existing heart problem, such as heart disease, the subsequent bacterial infection could cause a condition called endocarditis.

Dr. Liljestrand adds that even those who have no heart problems should stay alert. When the body responds to the bacteria, it will try to fight it off with a system-wide inflammation. This is dangerous because extreme inflammation can cause plaque to develop in the blood vessels and arteries that will weaken your heart.

If you want to keep your heart healthy, then dial your dentist’s clinic and book an appointment immediately. Skipping your regular dental checkups is no longer an option. Maintaining oral health is now a necessity; not just for your teeth, but for your whole body.

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