IT Security ProfessionalYou’re set for life as an IT security pro. The demand for your skills and expertise is on an upward trend. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an 18% growth through 2024 for information security analysts. Security software brand, Symantec, projects a 6 million rise in IT security jobs globally by 2019. And in comparison to other IT employees, you get a higher salary in cybersecurity.

A Lucrative Career

Clearly, you’ll never run out of employment opportunities. You can move up the cybersecurity ladder in one company, or explore better offers from other organizations. If you’re not in security but work in IT, you can apply for certification and make a successful shift.

A CompTIA Security+ certification provides credentials for a security administrator, which is an entry-level position. But you'll have to take the Security+ 401 exam to be certified. It features a maximum of 90 questions covering network security, compliance and operations security, among other topics.

With Security+, you'll also qualify for higher positions that command higher pay and require further credential. Case in point, qualification for senior cybersecurity engineer requires CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner certification.

An Ever-Changing World

Information technology is an ever-changing world. Smarter devices and software enter the market, offering better methods in security. But clever hackers constantly challenge innovative solutions — to find a “hole” in the system and a flaw in the technology.

Meanwhile, the IT industry seeks more professionals that are capable. They need competent employees to protect their data, build impenetrable systems and develop clear solutions. This creates a significant deficit. Cisco estimates more than one million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally.

With sharp demand for competent IT security employees, you’re sure to have a lucrative job. But you need to pursue further training and get certification. Threats will change and increase as technology evolves. Your continuing education in IT security can help businesses across the country (or elsewhere in the world) prevent breaches and enhance protection.

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