Packing of boxesMoving into a new home doesn’t have to be too stressful. And yes — you could even do it by yourself! Just follow the steps in this quick guide, and you’re off to a successful, cost-effective and definitely fulfilling house move.

The Vehicle and a ‘Moving Buddy’

First things first, you need to sort out the vehicle you’ll use to transport your stuff. If you are moving everything — from furniture down to your clothes — from your former home to your new abode, then renting a truck from might be the wisest and most efficient way for you to go.

You could drive the truck yourself with a buddy riding shotgun and take turns behind the wheel if it is a long drive. You could also request a driver from the same company you hired the truck from.

Having a ‘moving buddy’, whether it’s a friend or the driver from the company, makes unloading and organising stuff on your new home way easier. Plus, if you are in for a long drive, you won’t have such a boring time.

The Stuff

After securing a truck (and a buddy) for your move, it’s time to get your stuff sorted. This might be the part that takes most of your time and effort, but by keeping an appropriate schedule, you will get by.

The ideal time to start preparing your stuff for the big move is two months prior. But, if your house move is one that’s unanticipated and on short notice — on top of your 9–5, using your weekends and the free time on the weekdays to do the packing is your best option.

Even though this step is time-consuming, no one can do it better than you, since no one knows your stuff like you do. Also, since you do the sorting and the labelling, you will not have a difficult time locating the things you need.

The Paperwork

As you prepare for your house move, ensure that all succeeding paper documents (utility statements, credit card statements and other important mail) will be sent to your new address.

Having a hassle-free DIY house move is as easy as following the steps in this guide. Not only will you save up, but you’ll also find the whole moving experience enriching.

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